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Leg Growing – Steven Niechen – Oslo, Norway

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Mark is prays for Steven's leg to grow. He starts off talking to the people in the Oslo vineyard


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Undeniable evidence! T.B. Joshua prays for Frank Kasim and his two broken legs are instantly restored - as he walks

Stomach Cancer Miraculously Healed – Rev. A. A. Allen

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Rev. A. A. Allen preaches a 7 minute sermon and then prays for God to heal a man dying with

Т. Б. Джошуа (TB Joshua) – Disgusting Neck & Back Ulcers Healed

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ТБ Джошуа молится за женщину с ужасной язвой шеи и спины, вызванной диабетом, и она получает невероятное исцеление во имя

Creative Miracles Live! with Charles & Frances Hunter

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Watch Christians pray for the sick and afflicted in the name of Jesus Christ just like believers did 2,000 years

Woman Has 3 Demons In Her Stomach

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This woman claims to have 3 demons in her belly. .=ODownload GIF:

Wheelchair Lady Healed 2 12 09

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Warou Indian Lady crippled for 30 yrs walks In Village on Orinoco River near Tucupita, Venezuela

Woman Gets Healed After Being Paralyzed For 23 Years

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Delia Knox gets healed at a revival in Mobile, Alabama.

Healing/miracle of Frances Finn’s leg at Harrogate New Wine

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This is a video clip of Frances' leg growing 1.5 inches at a Bill Johnson Conference in Harrogate, England. She

Delia Knox arrives at her Buffalo Home

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After 22 and a half years bound in her wheelchair from a car accident in 1987, Delia was healed in


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Supernatural Cures


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Sophie’s leg grows

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God grows Sophie's left leg back 3/4 inch

A.A Allen – Deaf Ears opened!

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Power of God manifested!

A Christmas Miracle at The River

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A Christmas Miracle at The River

BLIND MAN HEALED FOR CHRISTMAS (Prophet Brian Carn @Abundant Life Christian Center COGIC)

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On December 11, 2009, the final night of a 7-service revival, God showed Himself strong through the guest Prophet Brian

#5 A. A. Allen Live Video (#5 of 10)

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A. A. Allen: A. A. Allen Live Video Honest to God biblical teachings which change not through

A Christmas Miracle at The River

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A Christmas Miracle at The RiverDecember 13, 2009Durham, NC

Miracle! blind eye healed in Jesus Name!

236 Views0 Comments is a link to a documented healing... it might help build your

A A Allen woman healed

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woman healed

A Christmas Miracle at The River – Part 2

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A Christmas Miracle at The River - Part 2December 13, 2009Durham, NC

Amazing Miracle Healing of An Arm in India

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Dr. Rick Patterson heals woman's arm in India healing meeting. This is a video of an elderly woman in India

Miracles in Nigeria 13 – Raising the Dead

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Brace yourself: a man gets raised from the dead! That is, if you believe it's genuine ... what do

Deaf Girl Healed

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A Gary Oates Ministry trip to Brazil in which a girl with deafness is healed.

Benny Hinn – Girl get up from wheelchair

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Benny Hinn - Girl get up from wheelchair